The following links are for the FREE classes offered on Thursday, March 26, 2020.

"Jazz Theory"  11:00AM - 12:00PM (MST)

"Jazz Technique"  Beginning Level meets 2-3PM, Advanced Level meets 3-4PM

Students of all ages are welcome to join classes, but we do have a few rules:

  1. Leave your video and audio off unless requested to turn on. If you do turn on video, be certain that you are dressed appropriately and anything in the background is school appropriate!

  2. Be respectful of all members of the class

  3. If you join a class and later realize the class is not the appropriate level, feel free to change classes

  4. Do not use the chat unless it is truly necessary to ask a question to the teacher - it can be very distracting

  5. LAJP staff have the right to remove a student from class if necessary (please don't make this necessary!)

  6. Instructional materials (pdfs, recordings, links, etc) will be sent in the chat so make sure you open them in a new tab and preserve for later practice!


"To promote jazz through performance and education in the community."